Prizefighter Cider is a brand of 9 Mile, a place where we strive to get you that great experience of eating a fresh crisp apple!

Innovation, fresh ideas and the willingness to go that extra mile is what excites us here at 9 Mile!

We roamed the world for the latest technology and the best in quality control when developing a new system to get apples from the orchard to the customer as fresh as possible.

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We're Aussie Grown


Our own orchards and those of our select growers are carefully chosen so as to take advantage of the best growing regions in Australia for each different variety of apple. These farms strategic locations are the key to raising fruit with superior crunch, sweetness and cosmetic appeal.

After harvest apples are packed in the most advanced hi-tech facility in the Southern Hemisphere. Here apples are treated like superstars as they glide through bruise-free water channels and across “state of the art” packing lines.


At 9 Mile we can even tell if an apple is no good on the inside meaning you the customer can eat easy and knowingly.

We know how to make great cider

Our cider is locally crushed, fermented and bottled by our partners at the Bellevue Orchard. Once the crop comes in from our local growers and is sorted at out Tynong facility, the apples that make Prizefighter Cider are sent to Bellevue Orchard - where they have been making their unique variety specific apple juice and our other juice blends for over twenty years.

It wasn't until 2019 that the team at 9 Mile had the idea to turn their apple juice into apple cider. The apple juice undergoes fermentation to allow the sugars in the apple to convert into alcohol, making the delicious Prizefighter Cider our customers know and love.


We maintain our quality

Prizefighter Cider is just fruit, made from real apples picked at our trusted orchards. We use no concentrates, no preservatives and nothing artificial. Our cider-making processes are vertically integrated, which means we can ensure complete quality throughout every step of production.

We crush our apples in our big press, and bottle them ourselves to keep that ‘just picked’ taste and nutrients inside. Because our ciders are pressed cold, the gentleness of our process ensures the unique taste of each apple variety is fully captured in every bottle.